Creating a report with GoProjects is effortless, we remove all of the repetitive work and let you focus on what matters most. GoProjects allows you to have professional constant looking reports without even having to worry about formatting the document.

Before you start creating reports, make sure that your company, projects and report types setup is completed. Click here for more information

  1. Tap on “New Report” icon

2. Select the project you are creating the report for

3. Select the report type

4. Type the Report Title

5. Tap the "+" icon to start adding Activities/Items to your report 

6. For each Activity/Item in the report you can a title, description, status, progress and pictures. Review the report template being used to see which of these field are supported. 

7. To edit the content of any Item, simply type of that items and start editing. 

8. Once you finish adding the Items/Activities tap on the "Save" icon. The report will be saved in "My Reports" under that specific project.