IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure: The IT infrastructure is the foundation of the system, proper design and installation prevents huge future additional cost. Nowadays, updating ICT systems is a business necessity therefore having proper infrastructure system is absolutely required to be able to perform these updates without having to make major modifications on the infrastructure.

The best way to cut the cost of any future system updates is by designing a future proof infrastructure, that accounts for any potential expansion. The cost of purchasing and installing the ICT infrastructure for a new project is relatively low, however the cost of modifying the infrastructure after the project is complete is very high; due to the complexity of running the cables and cable pathways in a finished building. Additionally, the lack of space for new equipment may become another great barrier for an expansion project.

At GoTech, we work closely with our client to understand their current requirements and any plans for future expansions. Based on that, we propose the best possible solution that meets current requirements and ensure low cost for any future projects. 

IT Infrastructure Services:

  • Structured cabling Design Services

  • Cabling supply and installation

  • Network racks and cabinets supply and installation

  • Cable pathways supply and installation

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